SUP Canada Expedition June 10th - June 20th 2019


£1,500.00 £950.00


A brand new expedition from UKHammocks!

Explore the beauty of the Banff National Park by 'Stand Up Paddleboard' A truly one of a kind expedition, we will RV in Calgary and drive over into the Banff national park, collect our SUP's and head off on 9 days of adventure! Exploring vast lakes and picturesque rivers along the way, using our hammocks to set up camp overnight in beautiful remote campsites.

We will instruct you in SUP travel, Touring Skills, Packing your board for expedition etc. We will also cover some Whitewater skills including rescues, how to navigate rapids on your SUP and even some surfing on river waves! The team will cover all the skills required to survive in this environment, from safe water treatment, fire lighting, camp selection, wild edibles, Navigation and the Do's and Don'ts when in Bear country!


Day 1- 10th June 2019 Meet in Calgary Mall 0900 (you will need to fly in the day before and accommodate yourselves nearby). Drive to Banff via the food/outdoor outlets to stock up on meals and any last minute equipment. Collect our SUPs and head to Ghost lake, where we will camp our first night and cover the expedition briefings.. Group evening Meal cooked by staff.

Day 2/3/4 - Initial 3 day expedition, get the feel for your board and setting up camp, we will spend most of this period nailing your technique and your camp craft in preparation for the next phase, we use these times to really iron out any creases and allow the whole team to bond before we head out on the expedition phase.

Night 4 - Pack up the SUP's and drive to our next start point. Camp at a campsite with hot showers!!

Day 5/6/7/8/9 - 5 Day SUP Expedition, Navigating Wild waters and amazing scenery, camping every night in remote campsites, we will focus on ensuring you have all the skills needed to competently travel by SUP in the vast wilderness of Canada, selecting safe camp locations, ensuring your equipment is maintained and we don't attract any unwanted attention from the local teddy bears...

Evening Day 9 - we will drop off our SUPs and drive back to Calgary, check into the hotel and head out for a group meal and a beer.

Day 10 - Last day of the trip, check out the sights and you can also book your return flight for this day.

What’s included-

-All SUP equipment Hire

-In country transport as laid out above

-Fully insured British SUP and wilderness instructors

-First night meal

-Hotel accommodation on last night

-All Campsite and wilderness permit fees

What’s not included-

-Flights; you will need to arrive into Calgary the day before the trip and book your return for day 10 or after if you wish to stay longer. Return flights usually cost around £520 from London.

-Food/Drink; this is a self catered expedition, we will take you to the supermarkets so you can do your shopping, or you can bring supplies out with you from home.

-Personal Insurance; we recommend Battle face.

-Equipment; as per the Kit list -Any other costs incurred whilst in country and non expedition related costings.


Food -

Although this is a self-catered expedition, we always aim to work on a group cooking theme. To that end, we advise each member buys one evening meal for the whole group, rather than 9 individual meals for themselves. We can also group purchase breakfast and group cook things like bacon, pancakes etc every day. This keeps the cost low and the food amazing! Once you book onto the trip you can join up with the “UKHammocks SUP Canada” Facebook group so we can agree a meal plan and discuss kit etc.


We are offering this first run expedition at cost price of £950.00

Maximum of 8 guests and minimum 3 staff.


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