Arctic Norway Expedition 21st March - 30th March 2019


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This is a great opportunity to join the UKHammocks team on a truly groundbreaking Expedition into arctic Norway for an incredible price. (A 3 day sledding trip costs in excess of £900 on its own!)

Have you ever wanted to test your winter camping skills to the extreme....? Ever wanted to watch the Aurora Borealis (Northern lights) from your hammock...? Learn the secrets to arctic survival..? Snowshoe and Dog Sled through a frozen wilderness with expert instructors and sleep in your hammock at temperatures as low as -40 C....?


Our location- 

The very edge of the Russian Tundra, we will be sited just 3km away from the Russian board in our remote farm location of Namdalen, 10Km south of the growing hub of Kirkenes.

Silent primeval Tundra forests and vast Fjords of Northern Norway

The Kirkenes wilderness is one of the quietest places in Norway. Researchers who have measured the sound level have shown that this and similar primeval forest areas are quieter than all other kinds of nature.

Today the old forests and excellent lichen grounds are a refuge for the Sami’s reindeer and wildlife that.

An excellent winter trail makes it easy to explore large parts of the region. There also are paths that follow ancient migratory routes, passing by cabins and hot tents we will site before your arrival.


Reindeer are here year-round. In the area there also are bears, lynx and wolverines. You are more likely to encounter reindeer, Arctic fox, Hare, Ptarmigan and Elk on a daily basis


Capercaillie, black grouse and hazelhen flourish in the forest year-round, and Siberian jay and Siberian tit also are present. But the time when bird life is at peak intensity is early summer. When the migratory fowl have returned, the forest resounds with bramblings, redstarts and redwings. Whooper swans, bean geese and black-throated loons appear on the lakes.

Plant life

Large parts of Kirkenes have been spared deforestation because of the many lakes and the difficulty of transporting timber here. In the area there are forested areas with pines more than 700 years old. 

Come and join UKhammocks with a trip inside the Arctic Circle, we will be pushing the limits of Sub Zero hanging, trekking on Snow Shoe and working deep into the frozen wilderness for 10 days on a mind blowing adventure.

UKhammocks is all about pushing the limits of hammocks camping. With this latest addition to our expedition series we will take you deep inside the Arctic Circle to the remote wilderness of Norway, on the Russian boarder. Our journey through the Frozen vastness will blow your mind! 

Full instruction will be delivered by both British and local Arctic experts. This will cover Snowshoe technique, Dog sledding, Snow machine, Arctic travel routines, emergency survival skills, arctic hammock skills, fishing, firelighting, shelter building and much much more!

We will reach sub zero temperatures of -15 to -40c on this action packed expedition that promises to be full of once in a lifetime experiences.

Rough Itinerary-

Day 1 (21st March) - Arrival into Kirkenes airport by 1230. drive west to our base some 4km from the Russian boarder, where we will cover a few basics and prep our kit, Introduction to equipment, instructors and expedition itinerary. Group/individual food shopping if required. 

Day 2 .3 .4  We will remain in our remote base location, set up a base camp for 3 days and explore the ways of the frozen wilderness, we will cover basic skills, arctic living techniques and navigation

Day 5 and 6 -  We will make use of our modern Snowmobile transportation and take on the mighty Pasvik trail, traveling some 200km and taking ur first wild camp in the frozen Russian tundra.

Day 7/8/9 -  we will spend the next 3 days in the wilderness we will be dropped off by our Dogsleds, from here we will take our snowshoes for a journey traveling deep into the frozen wilderness and camping in hammocks/Tents and manmade shelters from debris and snow along the way. Whilst were out we will operate seamlessly with this frozen landscape!

Day 10 - Fly home from Kirkenes (30th March).


Whats provided by us

  • Fully insured English speaking Instructors
  • All in country transfers as per itinerary 
  • Discounted Snowshoe hire if you require your own
  • Dog Sled Tour and instruction from local experts
  • Wilderness Hot tent Accommodation
  • Satellite phone usage were available
  • InReach coverage via earth mate
  • Professional Photographs of your trip

Whats not provided by us

  • All flights (Land Kirkenes 21st March before 1230hrs - Depart Kirkenes 30th March after 1230hrs)
  • All meals/beverages - we will shop as a group on arrival and split the costs for any group meals if you wish to follow that route or pre purchasing things like porridge pots for breakfast is a great idea, also rations are an option if you don't wish to cook fresh meals daily. As a team we usually self support breakfast and lunch then group together to cook our evening meals.
  • International Insurance ans Evacuation Cover we recommend Battleface
  • Home country transfers
  • Personal equipment as per kit list (we can arrange some rental gear if needed)
  • Personal Medication
  • Any extra activities
  • Any costs incurred from delayed arrival
  • Personal travel insurance

Costs- £1600 

We require the non refundable deposit (full amount) to be paid to secure your place upon this expedition. The remainder will be collected 8 weeks prior to departure. We will happily set up payment plans for those wishing to split the cost of the trip in the build up to it. 

UKHammocks Arctic Kit List

 Expedition Terms and Conditions 

Please do not book flights until instructed by UKHammocks as the expedition needs a minimum number to run.  


Images courtesy of UKhammocks

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