Nomadic Borneo 5th - 16th November 2018

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The jungle is a very demanding environment so a good attitude towards prolonged travel is essential for an advanced course such as this.
A truly nomadic journey through the deep jungles of Borneo.
This expedition will be a hugely adventurous trip, after your training phase at our remote jungle camp where we will instruct you on all the basics of jungle survival you will be responsible for your own navigation (with a few hints), your food, your admin and your routine for 10 days of trekking through the Primary forest. Your expedition jungle experts will guide you through simply jaw dropping triple canopy forest standing by your side for the entire journey helping you with tip, skills and advice to keep you safe and on the top of the world, you will be making camp mid afternoon each day after 4-6km of cross grain/paddling/river walking and trekking. The places you will visit simply do not see other human traffic this is one of the worlds very few remaining wildernesses!
5th - 16th November 2018


Location- The island of Borneo is home to the oldest jungle in the world, a primordial forest that was already 134 million years old when the first apes in Africa began to experiment with walking upright. This ancient environment is one of the most extreme places in the world, where sleeping off the ground is an essential element of survival. 

Few places will test your equipment and resolve like the jungle; here your hammock will become the sanctuary of your sanity, a suspended cocoon of shelter from torrential tropical downpours that threaten to wash you away and protection from the myriad of bizarre sounds that emanate incessantly from the surrounding darkness. 

This is the ultimate hammock expedition, a true “Journey by Hammock” 

Its triple canopy forests are so pristine and vibrant that its boarders are clearly visible from space contrasted against the muddy hue of the logged forests in its neighboring states. 

Few if any places left on earth allow such rapid transition from the modern world to such a vast virgin rainforest. 

Our British expedition leaders have well over a decade of experience living and working in the jungles of Borneo and will help you get the most out of your equipment, instruct you in the routines of jungle life that will keep you healthy and provide the knowledge required for safe jungle travel, Mat and his assistants are WGA (wilderness Guide Association) Lv 3 assessors for tropical expeditions (the only ones in the world!). Every expedition will be accompanied by 2 Wilderness Emergency Medical Technicians and  Motor Vehicle Mechanics; furthermore all British staff are trained in remote off-road driving, vehicle recovery, Bush Mechanics, Swift water rescue, BCU Touring kayak leaders, Rope access and naturally jungle survival and wilderness living. The forest is a supermarket, pharmacy and hardware store all rolled into one together working with your expedition guides you will tap into these resources. They will instruct you in traditional native jungle lore, shelter building, trapping, fishing and so forth, rounding out your skill-set to enable you to employ the best of both modern and traditional campcraft. 

Our focus will be taking you to the next level of adventure!

Walking deeper into the interior Jungle visiting more extreme locations as you navigate your own route. You will leave us with a solid skill set giving you the ability and thirst to take on the jungle alone. We will utilise advanced techniques of navigation, water craft, rope access, camp craft and emergency & evacuation training.

We will hang out in stunningly beautiful and remote wilderness camps, Working hard as a team during the day to make our locations, establish camps and prepare meals, spending our evenings swimming, fishing, trapping and swapping stories of the wonders of the jungle. 

This expedition follows the same ethos as our hammocks, each is individual and tailored to its participant’s needs, you will be personally involved in the identifying of the knowledge and skills you wish to explore. The Jungle is the ultimate testing ground; we know we have been testing gear and sanity here for years! 

For the Duration of the expedition you are responsible for your own cooking and food procurement be it as a group or solo you decide, we have access to ration packs which you are welcome to purchase from us at cost price or you can tap into the wealth of food outlets and make up your own meal plans. Your guides will be with you through this process helping you to manage your calorie intake and giving insight into suitable food selections for expeditions.

What’s provided by us- 

  • Fully insured Expedition 

  • British Guides and assistants 

  • All travel inside Brunei for the duration of the expedition 

  • Hotel accommodation as outlined in the itinerary 

  • Hammocks and Tarps (if required) 

  • Packrafts and paddles 

  • A locally manufactured Parang (Which you may keep for a small donation) 

  • Satellite Phone Text message/call to home if available 

  •  Earth mate access for families to track your progress through the jungle and send you private messages. 

What’s not provided- 
  • All Flights 

  • Personal Travel insurance 

  • All meals (around £60.00 for expedition phase)

  • All beverages 

  • Home country transfers 

  • Personal equipment as per packing list 

  • Any personal requirements 

  • Any personal Medication Inc. vaccinations for expedition 

  • Extra activities 

  • Anything other than the stated itinerary 

  • Use of Sat Phone for personal calls (if available) 

  • Any costs incurred by a delayed arrival or departure

Brief itinerary- 

  • Day 1.  0800hrs Meet at TBC Hotel which is covered by UKHammocks, Expedition food shopping under the supervision of our team, any last minute kit shopping at the local outdoors outlets. Evening spent in the Hotel. We will take you out to grab some food if your hungry, before bed we will take an hour to go through a few safety details in the way of a Keynote presentation. 

  • Day 2-11 Expedition Phase..... You will work in numerous forest environments, navigate waterways, cross grain jungle and ridgeways. this is a very remote expedition giving you a clear sense of just how deep the jungles are and how important good routine and solid navigation is to a successful expedition.

  • Evening day 11- We will drop you at our hotel for a clean-up and then collect for a group meal and expedition debrief. 

  • Day 12. Final kit maintenance and transfers to airport if required. 

    What you need to do before you go.... 

    • Firstly you will need to book your place on the Expedition the Deposit of £400 Total cost of this trip is an amazing £900 Payment can be made by checking out on this page, calling the UKhammocks office on +447495010271, by Bacs or requesting a PayPal invoice via 

    • We also accept Payment plans if you would like to speed the cost over a few months powered by GoCardless.
    • You will need to book your Flights please contact us for details of arrival airports.

    • You will need to acquire the items off the kit list; the great thing about jungle travel is you need to work on a lightweight system so there are not too many things that you should need to obtain.

  • Book your Travel insurance; please make sure it will cover you for the Expedition! 

  • You will need to Visit your GP and Dentist to ensure you are fully fit and vaccinated for Malaysian Borneo ; they will be able to advise you on all needed vaccines. 

  • Some wilderness knowledge is needed for this trip. A good base level of fitness is also required we advise you to partake in some physical training and body conditioning prior to the trip, you will be expected to carry your own equipment, food and water for the trip, typically this is around 15-18kg over distances of around 4-6 miles on some days, the jungle is not flat, it has gruelling steep ridges and the terrain is relentlessly slippy and uneven. 

  • It is a good idea to get out in your hammock, have a look at your set up and if you have any questions call the UKhammocks team (+447495010271) or email me on and we will be more than happy to discuss your personal systems in detail 

  • Fill out and return the NOK form, Personal information sheet and Medical questionnaire. 

  • Let us have your thoughts... What do you want from the expedition? What are your goals? We can help you to achieve them!



See our Downloads page for all the expedition forms and kit lists

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