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Borneo with UKHammocks from MatDrone on Vimeo.

UKhammocks Borneo Expedition 

The island of Borneo is home to the oldest jungle in the world, a primordial forest that was already 134 million years old when the first apes in Africa began to experiment with walking upright. This ancient environment is one of the most extreme places in the world, where sleeping off the ground is an essential element of survival. 

Few places will test your equipment and resolve like the jungle; here your hammock will become the sanctuary of your sanity, a suspended cocoon of shelter from torrential tropical downpours that threaten to wash you away and protection from the myriad of bizarre sounds that emanate incessantly from the surrounding darkness. 

This is the ultimate hammock expedition, a true “Journey by Hammock” 

We will rendezvous in Borneo, which thanks to its enormous offshore oil reserves has not engaged in the large scale logging operations which have destroyed vast swathes of Indonesian and Malaysian controlled territories. its triple canopy forests are so pristine and vibrant that its boarders are clearly visible from space contrasted against the muddy hue of the logged forests in its neighboring states. 

Few if any places left on earth allow such rapid transition from the modern world to such a vast virgin rainforest. 

Our British expedition leaders have over a decade of experience living and working in the jungles of Borneo and will help you get the most out of your equipment, instruct you in the routines of jungle life that will keep you healthy and provide the knowledge required for safe jungle travel. Every expedition will be accompanied by at least one Wilderness Emergency Medical Technician per 4 clients and a Motor Vehicle Mechanic; furthermore all British staff are trained in remote off-road driving, vehicle recovery and Bush Mechanics. The forest is a supermarket, pharmacy and hardware store all rolled into one together with your expedition guides you will tap into these resources. They will instruct you in traditional native jungle lore, shelter building, trapping, fishing and so forth, rounding out your skill-set to enable you to employ the best of both modern and traditional campcraft. 

Our focus will be taking your hammock camping skills to an extremely high level of proficiency and ensuring that you are fundamentally competent to operate safely in a tropical forest environment, whilst this will include elements of survival and bushcraft, this isn’t a survival exercise or dedicated bushcraft course, it’s the world’s first dedicated Expedition for those whose passion is journeying by hammock. Our aim is for you to leave our expedition with a good solid grasps of the necessary skills and routines to come back to the jungle either alone or as part of a detailed expedition and operate seamlessly with your surroundings. 

We will hang out in stunningly beautiful and remote wilderness camps, experiment with the latest hammock camping equipment (our own prototype gear is field tested here), fashion traditional hammocks and pole beds from bamboo and rattan, build palm thatched shelters. We’ll work hard as a team during the day to establish camps, prepare meals and travel through the jungle, spending our evenings swimming, fishing and swapping stories. 

This expedition follows the same ethos as our hammocks, each is individual and tailored to its participant’s needs, you will be personally involved in the identifying the knowledge and skills you wish to explore. We actively encourage you to bring any items of hammock gear you wish to test, be it DIY equipment or purchased gear. The Jungle is the ultimate hammock testing ground; we know we have been testing gear here for years! 

Once we depart Bandar and the expedition is underway it will be fully catered in so much as we will provide all food, via a combination of fresh groceries and pre-packaged rations, you will be required to carry your own food and prepare it as a group (with the aid of our glamorous assistant guides). If you have any specific dietary requirements please make these clear at the time of booking and we will do our best to accommodate your needs.

What’s provided by us- 

  • Fully insured Expedition 

  • British Guides and assistants 

  • All travel inside Borneo for the duration of the expedition 

  • Hotel accommodation as outlined in the itinerary 

  • Expedition Food (for days and nights spent under canopy) 

  • Hammocks and Tarps (if required) 

  • Packrafts and paddles for training phase 

  • International Insurance and Evacuation Cover 

  • A locally manufactured Parang (Which you may keep for a small donation) 

  • Satellite Phone Text message/call to home if available 

    What’s not provided- 

  • All Flights 

  • Personal Travel insurance 

  • All meals eaten outside of the deployed dates 

  • All beverages 

  • Home country transfers 

  • Personal equipment as per packing list 

  • Any personal requirements 

  • Any personal Medication Inc. vaccinations for expedition 

  • Extra activities 

  • Anything other than the stated itinerary 

  • Use of Sat Phone for personal calls (if available) 

  • Any costs incurred by a delayed arrival or departure

Brief itinerary- 

  • Day 1. Meet up in Borneo (Collection from airport if required) and evening spent in the Hotel. We will take you out to grab some food if your hungry, before bed we will take an hour to go through a few safety details in the way of a presentation. 

  • Day 2-4. Early start after breakfast, drive, walk and Packraft across a beautiful watercourse into our Jungle training location for a gear shakeout. You will also have the chance to spend 2 nights in your sleep system and fully test your equipment. The 2 training days we see us cover the necessary pre deployment training such as first aid, parang use, Map reading and jungle navigation, moving through the jungle etc. Returning to Bandar for a final night in the hotel to clean up before the main exped phase. 

  • Day 5 -11. Jungle Expedition Phase in the Labi region, we will depart the hotel at 0600 and make our way to our infiltration RV. From here we will call into the Iban Longhouse and then head into the interior jungle, trekking through pristine primary forest until we reach our base camp location. From here we will spend 4 days operating out of base camp. Then fiish with a 3 day trek through primary forest, using the waterways to navigate, dropping into remote valleys and down huge waterfalls on our return to the exfiltration point. 

  • Evening day 11- We will drop you at your Hotel for a clean-up and then collect for a group meal and expedition debrief. 

  • Day 12. Final kit maintenance and transfers to airport if required. 

    What you need to do before you go.... 

    • Firstly you will need to book your place on the Expedition the Total cost of this trip is £1250 Your non-refundable deposit of £500 is needed to confirm your place and make the necessary bookings on the Expedition, the remaining amount will be required no later than 8 weeks prior to the deployment date. Payment can be made by calling the UKhammocks office on +447495010271 by Bacs or requesting a PayPal invoice via 

    • You will need to book your Flights, arriving no later than the 27th to Bandar Seri Bagawan  and leaving on or after the 7th Nov.

    • Please note outbound flights will take around 24hrs with the time difference and return flights typically are overnight. Naturally you are more than welcome to extend your stay in Borneo we will be more than happy to advise on things to do/see whilst you’re here and also a place to stay for the duration of your extension. 

    • You will need to acquire the items off the kit list; the great thing about jungle travel is you need to work on a lightweight system so there are not too many things that you should need to obtain.

  • Book your Travel insurance; please make sure it will cover you for the Expedition! 

  • You will need to Visit your GP and Dentist to ensure you are fully fit and vaccinated for Brunei; they will be able to advise you on all needed vaccines. 

  • Although no prior Expedition knowledge is needed for our trips a basic level of fitness is therefore we also advise you to partake in some physical training, you will be expected to carry your own equipment, food and water for the trip, typically this is around 15kg over distances of around 4 miles on some days, this will also give you a good time to break in your jungle boots! 

  • It is a good idea to get out in your hammock, have a look at your set up and if you have any questions call the UKhammocks team (+447495010271) or email us on and we will be more than happy to discuss your personal systems in detail 

  • Fill out and return the NOK form, Personal information sheet and Medical questionnaire. 

  • Let us have your thoughts... What do you want from the expedition? What are your goals? We can help you to achieve them!



See our Downloads page for all the expedition forms and kit lists

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