Current Waiting lists are 6 weeks for hammocks and quilts. Orders Placed during Sales will be longer usually 10-15 weeks due to huge volumes.


We get many questions here... Here are a few that may crop up more often then others.

Can you make me a pink/red/purple hammock..?
Yes we can. Just give us time to find you a fabric.

Do you make Kids camping hammocks..?
Yes we do. Give us a call to discuss.

What's the waiting time..?
Email us... it fluctuates from 3-6 weeks depending on order volumes, be aware of any planned expeds as this may increase these times.

Can I wash my hammock/quilt..?
Yes you can. Make sure you remove your suspension and wash on a low heat setting with a recommended solution like tech wash. For down you may wish to do it in a bath tub and please only use down wash!
To dry- air dry hammocks and cool tumble dry with dryer balls/tennis balls for quilts.

Do you make garden hammocks...?
If your garden has trees and you intend to sleep outside then absolutely! If not..... NO.

How long will my order take...?
If it's a small item (not down filled or a bug netted hammock) 7 working days
If it's down filled or a hammock it can be upto 8 weeks depending on current time scales. (Email for up to date info)

Why so long for my gear..?
We don't hold stock, every single item is made to order. Add this to the bulk of orders and waiting list and there lays your answer.

My order went missing in the post why is my replacement not been sent yet..?
See above!

Where is my tracking..?
Items under the value of £50 are not tracked, they get sent via 1st class or air mail.
Item over this value are either sent signed for (no tracking just a signature) or via International tracked and signed-tracking will be supplied for these when orders have shipped and the codes come back from the depot.

What fabrics do you use...?
-1.1oz DWR nylon for quilt shells
-1.5oz & 3oz uncoated nylon for hammocks
-.8oz nylon bug netting
-Polyester webbing strap
-Spun polyester thread
-Dyneema Braids and ropes

What's imported..?
-550 govt issue paracord (USA)
-850CUI Goose Down (Poland)

Can I customise my order..?
-You certainly can! It's what we do best..

It's been 5 weeks from when i ordered and i haven't got it yet.. Shall I open a Paypal Dispute...?
-Yes please do, we will then refund you fully, cancel your order and your order will be sold to the next in line..We do not rush your order so please do not try and rush us, if you need it for a specific date tell us when you order if not it will be with you as soon as possible, sometimes things get held up, raw materials have to be sourced, machines need repairing etc. etc. etc..... If in doubt email/call us.

As a closing note... We are only human, sometimes things get mixed up, orders get delayed or a product may be faulty. we will do everything we can to rectify anything and have a proven track record for this.