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Our Patented Woodsman X Hammock - Comes with  Adjustable/Removable foot sag area we have created a must have 4 season camping hammock!

Complete with a fully zippered MIDGE net plus an internal ridgeline pocket and a very flat sleep!

The foot sag area is adjustable allowing the owner to finely tune the amount of sag at the foot end of the hammock ensuring that there is no lower leg discomfort!

Foot sag cord has an updated adjustment method compared to the Video. We have used a quilt clip combined with a looped taught line hitch to allow both fine adjustment for your own comfort but then also quick release without loosing your footbox preference each time.

In the winter months (or when the beasties are away!) and the MIDGE netting is not needed simply fully unzip. Then by removing the foot sag cord your hammock is now an open 'Woodsman hammock' allowing full versatility around camp!

Constructed from 1.5oz Ripstop Nylon in Green 1.10z in Black and Forest and using only the finest Dyneema cords this is a very lightweight and comfortable way to sleep!

Hammock weights Inclusive of Suspension/Straps/Bishop Bag

  • Single Layer:
    • Single layer Approx 1.1 oz fabric 500g
    • Single Layer 1.5oz Fabric 690g (stiffer fabric with less stretch at 80+kg)
    • Weight Limit 90KG
  • Double Layer (DL)
    • Double layer 1.1 oz 800g
    • Double Layer 1.5oz Fabric 900g (stiffer fabric with less stretch at 100+kg)
    • Weight Limit 120KG 
    • Layers Left Open for a pad.


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