MiniX Hammock

MiniX Hammock



We are a family business and for years we have made hammocks for the kids so they can enjoy the same level of comfort and space that we do on adventures... don't ask why we have not launched this product sooner, its a no brainer!

So without further delay... here it is, the MiniX.

Its an 80% sized version of the DL WoodsmanX same materials, same great build quality just a smaller pack size and a little lighter, meaning the kids have a hammock just for them!

Body - DL 1.1oz Ripstop Nylon Forest Green (DL because we all know how clumsy kids can be!)

Net - Nylon Midge Netting 

Suspension - 3m Tree Straps and Double Ring Adjusters 

Storage - Ridge Line Organiser and Bishop bag for hammock storage.

Weight Limit - 80kg

Max advised hight of occupant 165cm 


As always these are made to order, we will do our very best to have them made and posted within 3 weeks.

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