Jungle Lite Hammock


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A dedicated Hammock for the Tropics (thats not to say it isn't perfect for back home too...) 

Made from a DL 1.1oz High Tensile Ripstop Nylon In Forest Green, Sealed along all edges, with a single zipper running head to foot on one side only, this saves weight and bulk in the pack.

The new model dent just stop there, we have added a full width netted dump pouch in the head end giving over 20l of storage space for dry kit and assorted equipments, there is a single RL bag that is double sided with a sleeve in the centre perfect for keeping a Nalgene water bottle. 


The hammock comes complete with Peg out points, 4m tree straps, SS D rings on Amsteel loops, and a Silicone Nylon Stuffsack to keep it dryer whilst setting up.

Were not finished yet, we will also treat each hammock with a Permethrin bath prior to shipping out.


Were pleased to finally offer what has been a long standing hammock of our expedition teams working in the tropics for the last 6 years.



Length 320cm

Width 150cm


Body- 1.1 High Tenacity Nylon Ripstop

Net - 0.7oz Nylon Nano Mesh

Weight 635g Including all parts.


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