Anti Fungal powder ball.

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Foot-Powder ball.

A fundamental skill to gain is the that of powdering your "damp areas" when entering your hammock after your nightly wash is a sure fire way to ensure your body dries out completely and fights of fungal infections and minor skin ailments.

In a ingenious way to prevent your hammock from taking on a striking resemblance to a rock stars hotel room we employ the use of a powder ball. It works in the same manor as a climbers chalk ball.


So to make yours you will need......

anti fungal/athletes foot powder 


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Welcome to the New Shop!

Borneo Expedition Jungle The Jungle Outfiters TJO UKhammocks

A new Year and a New site. We have been working hard behind the scenes to update our shop image and streamline our site to make it more user friendly and accessible across a range of devices. The site has now been optimized for tablets and mobile devices as well as PC, regardless if it's apple or android. It should also translate into other languages far better than before!


Don't forget your JAN10 Discount Code when placing orders up until the 10th.


And last but not least........... we wish you all a very happy new year full of...

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Welcome to the TJO's Blog

Expedition Jungle The Jungle Outfiters TJO UKhammocks

We have decided that The Jungle Outfitters needs its own shop, we will be filling the shelves with all the equipment we use on a regular basis in the jungle, from water purification systems, sleeping systems, clothing, boots etc.


Keep checking back for updates.

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