Anti Fungal powder ball.

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Foot-Powder ball.

A fundamental skill to gain is the that of powdering your "damp areas" when entering your hammock after your nightly wash is a sure fire way to ensure your body dries out completely and fights of fungal infections and minor skin ailments.

In a ingenious way to prevent your hammock from taking on a striking resemblance to a rock stars hotel room we employ the use of a powder ball. It works in the same manor as a climbers chalk ball.


So to make yours you will need......

anti fungal/athletes foot powder 

Nylon stocking



Next, place the stocking over the glass and push it down into the bottom- decant the powder into the stocking lined glass-


So from here, spin the ball of powder and then invert it into a second layer of nylon, do this a third time and finally tie off the excess material.




And here you go a finished powder ball to keep your feet, Pits and Bits dry and fungus free!!! 


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